Airline Travel Battery Bundle


    you? With the Small 4.2ah batteries you can! The Small Battery (120.9wh) is under the 160wh energy limit for airline travel.

    Lithium-Ion battery for the Foil Drive Assist PLUS system only. Not compatible with Assist.

    The Small 4.2ah Battery alone is perfect for Winging or competent Down Wind Foilers looking to reduce the weight. Due to it’s size, this battery can only be used use full power for very short periods to get up on foil, it cannot be used for efoiling. Small Batteries can be purchased individually.

    The included Parallel Y Lead connects 2x Small 4.2ah Batteries together, creating the capacity of an 8.4ah battery (2/3’s a Standard Battery). Two batteries have been designed to fit together inside the electronics Box, you must follow the placement and orientation directions in the images above.