The Foil Drive Assist Slim is the smaller, lighter, performance orientated model, for the ultimate in performance hybrid electric assist foiling. Despite its small size, it offers the plenty of thrust to get you of foil easier and sooner however the smaller batteries do reduce the run time. The Assist Slim is perfect for advanced, high performance riders or wingers/downwinders that do not require lots of battery capacity.

    The kit includes everything you need to turn your existing foil and board into an electric assisted foiling machine!

    Simply choose your desired

    • Slim Battery
    • Gen2 Motor
    • Mast Adaptor to suit your exact foil mast of choice.

    If your looking to pair your Assist Slim with an integrated mast, checkout these listings

    • Assist Slim x Project Cedrus integrated Mast
    • Assist Slim x Axis Integrated Mast

    The Foil Drive Assist Slim is perfectly suited to those just looking for an extra boost to get on foil or to ride smaller boards and foils. The Assist Slim is not suitable for prolongated periods of motor assisted riding, it simply provides the boost to get up on foil and ride more. Advanced Surf and Downwind riders will love the low profile and weight but will need to be very disciplined on the throttle usage. Wing foilers simple do not need the run time usually and will also appreciate the low profile and weight.

    Email us at with your Mast info so we can include the correct adapter.

    NB: The use of boards that feature carbon fibre foil tracks cannot be guaranteed to have solid wireless connection with Gen2. Known brands with connectivity issues include Armstrong FG boards, Takuma Rising Sun, Takoon