Titouan Galea Hits a 10m Jump on the F-One Strike v2

Fresh off the plane from Mauritius, Titouan Galea immediately rushed to the F-ONE HQs to grab his new STRIKE V2 wings before hitting the road to La Coudoulière, South of France. With the wind blowing well above 35 knots Titouan chose the 4m STRIKE V2 and put a WOO tracker on his board. After recording a handful of jumps past the 9 m mark and even 9.9 m, he knew he had to keep pushing just a little bit more. He gave it one final try, and finally reached an incredible height of 10 m with 6 s up in the air! “I am incredibly satisfied by the STRIKE V2. With almost 40 knots, these were probably some of the worst conditions so to speak. It behaved so well and was super stable even in this kind of wind! That was great to feel. I really enjoyed the sensations I got from it, and I can already tell it’s allowing me to go much higher than ever before.” One thing is for sure, Titouan is ready to continue breaking records and pushing the limits of the sport. This performance speaks for itself. With this incredible feat, both Titouan and F-ONE have yet again taken wing foiling to new heights.

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