One Wheel GT S-Series


    59% More Voltage

    50% more than our previous models which provides for mind-blowing acceleration at medium-to-high speeds, unbelievable stability at speed, and incredible hill climbing capabilities.

    More Torque Headroom at Speed

    More Voltage means More Power. More power to plow over rocks and roots. More power to keep you stable at high speeds. More power to stop when you absolutely need to.

    Incredible Hill Climbing Capability

    No more crawling your way up the climbs. Flowy, high-speed carves up even the steepest of hills is now a thing.

    GT Performance Treaded Tire

    S-Series features the GT Performance Treaded Tire. With a softer compound, wide profile, passive stability, and a construction optimized for maximum performance.

    In the Box – Onewheel GT S-Series, GT S-Series Home Charger, Black Maghandle Pro

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