Lift Foils – Wing Back – 21 Flow


    *Backordered: Ships by Jan 31st, 2024*

    We love the efficiency of smaller back wings and want to introduce more riders to the small back-wing experience — while maintaining the stability they’re used to with a larger back wing. The Flow Series achieves this balance by increasing the fuselage length and reducing the back wing surface area, resulting in a design that can be ridden smaller than Surf, Glide, and Carve Series back wings.

    Experience the perfect fusion of efficiency and stability with the 21 Flow Back Wing — designed for advanced riders seeking the advantages of an ultra-small tail wing without sacrificing pitch stability. The small surface area provides unlimited glide, and the longer fuselage gives a steady sense of control while cruising through any maneuver.


    • Surface Area: 21in2 / 135cm2
    • Fuselage Length: 12” / 30.5cm

    Available on backorder