Kalama Performance Barracuda Foil Board


    We offer the Barracuda in three sizes to best suit your weight, skill level and intended primary use.

    The 7’8” x 18.5” x 92 litres is for smaller riders or riders with good skill looking for an advanced downwind board. This size also works great as a prone wave or water start winging board.

    The 7’10” x 19.5” x 102 litres is for medium sized riders of all skill levels. This size is as adapt to down winding is as it is to SUP or prone wave foiling and winging.

    The 8’ x 21’ x 111 litres is for bigger riders of all skill levels. This is an all-around size that excels in offshore downwind conditions. It’s also a great size for riders with growing skill levels looking for a forgiving size to advance efficiently into foiling and those very light wind winging sessions.