Lift Wing Front – 150 Surf V2



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    Great for prone surfing. This wing is fast and carves aggressive turns

    This wing offers a wide variety of speeds and a great turning radius

    Great for any wind discipline

    An excellent choice for sportier eFoil riding

    The 150 Surf V2 is an all-around performance wing. Push it hard or slow it down, carve a tight turn or go for glide, this wing performs in any environment. If you’re looking for maximum pumping efficiency then you might want to try the high aspect wings, but this wing can carve a much harder turn and will still pump back out the lineup with a little more effort.

    For our eFoil riders, the 150 V2 has a perfect wingspan to match this year’s board lineup. An excellent choice for the sportier eFoil riding. It offers excellent speed, carving and efficiency. A shop favorite!

    Best for: Foilers looking for an excellent all-around and sporty wing versus a specialty usage.