Please read the following before placing your foil drive order

  • Choosing the Right Cable Length

    Due to the different styles, shapes, and dimensions of boards, it’s necessary to measure the cable distance between the motor and the desired location of the electronics box.

    Please follow the steps in the video here for correct cable measurements – click here to watch how and download the print-off template.

  • Choosing a Left or Right Paddle Mount

    We offer a left or right paddle mount option, the side referring to which side of the board you paddle on, not which hand you use.

    standard rider usually paddles on the right side of their body (paddle blade in the water right of the board), their right hand gripping lower down the shaft of their paddle. This rider would order a Right Mount.

    A goofy rider usually paddles on the left side of their body (paddle blade in the water left of the board), their left hand gripping lower down the shaft of their paddle. This rider would order a Left Mount.

    Both mounts can be used by either hand to control the throttle. If you’d like to use your controller with your bottom hand (lower down the shaft), the controller is mounted upside down on the paddle. If you’d like to use the controller in conjunction with the paddle handle, mount it upright as close to the top as possible. You can see both styles in the images above.

    Click here to watch a quick video on selecting your mount!

  • Why is DG Shipping Expensive?

    Due to the size of the energy rating of the Lithium Ion Battery, the shipment is subject to Class 9 Dangerous Goods shipping and handling fees. Unfortunately, this is something we cannot avoid due to international air freight legislation. 

    We have worked hard to find the most cost effective solution for shipping DG goods internationally and have ended up with Fedex International Priority services. 

  • Warranty and Support

    Foil Drive products come standard with Australian 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

    We offer personal support and guidance with every Foil Drive purchase via and will endeavor to get you back on the water as fast as possible should any issues happen to arise.

    We offer a full range of spare parts and where practical and sensible to do so, we will always repair your system over forcing full replacement of the kit.