Lift3 F 4’9 eFoil


    The LIFT3 F 4’9 is ultra-stable, while still small enough you can improve your skills over time and grow into the full potential of the board. The perfect eFoil for getting started, growing your skills and sharing with all your friends and family

    For our most easily transportable setup for the LIFT3 F, pick the 4’9 with the half battery.

    Estimated LIFT3 F delivery is 1-2 weeks with Full Range battery, 6-8 weeks with Light Battery.

    Wing Combos.
    – Pick the 200 Surf V2 for a faster, more lively ride
    – The 250 Surf V2 will allow for extra stability and low speed riding for larger riders, and make it easier for new foilers to ride the board.

    **Your total will update in your checkout cart based on your options selections